Christofaki Company

The conservation of traditional tastes and the benefits of healthy eating habits are for us priorities.



    The company “Christoforaki” was created in 1996 as a result of the love and passion of Filia Christofaki for the Mediterranean diet and in particular for the traditional Cretan tastes and recipes. From that point, it took a lot of time and effort for this concept to develop from a personal business to an organized food production company that it is today. It took two decades and the implementation of important investments so that the company can now be able to deliver to the ever more demanding needs of their clients.
    Indicative of the investments made, is the state of the art self-owned production site covering 1.300 square meters at the Industrial park of Tylisso in Crete, the freezer vehicles for the transportation of the products, the certification of the production methodologies, as well as the developing sales network in Crete and other areas of Greece.
    The clientele of the company indicatively consists of retail and wholesale clients, such as bakeries, pastry shops, supermarkets, restaurants and biological products.




    The conservation of traditional tastes and the benefits of healthy eating habits are for us priorities. For this reason we systematically promote the handmade production of our food products and the use of the most pure and fresh ingredients.
    For example, the cheese products used are produced in a traditional dairy from 100% sheep’s milk at Sfakia in Chania. The vegetables are fresh and come from neighbouring areas, while the dough, the raki and Cretan olive oil are used in a traditional home like manner. We do not use preservatives or additional chemical substances.

Our History

1996 | The creation of the company
Christofaki was created in 1996 by Filia Christofaki, who gave the company the knowledge, know-how and love for the Cretan diet. The company’s products quickly stand out from the competition due to their high quality and the closely held values of traditional diets that attract businesses and consumers.

1999 | The development beyond Crete
As the reputation of the company expands, the need for a better customer service to the clients that are out of Crete became more evident. Thus the sales network expanded beginning with Attica and Rhodes.

2000 – 2005 | The establishment
The beginning of the last decade becomes particularly creative for the company “Christofaki”. Lines of new products are created, the sales network is expanding and strong bonds are being created with the clientele of the company.

2006 | Collaboration with Ioniki Sfoliata S.A.

2006 is a landmark, as it is the beginning of the collaboration with one of the biggest pastry companies in Greece, Ioniki Sfoliata S.A.. The company takes the representation of its products in Crete, which continues until today.

2010 | New Facilities
The facilities of Christofaki are moved to an new area in the Industrial Zone of Finikias, providing great abilities to the company that are related with the production procedure as well as the easier transportation of the products towards the clients.

2010 | Procedure Certification
The company gets certified with HACCP aiming at securing that the production methodology used for its food products are fully complied with the most strict standards used for food safety.

2015 | New owned facilities
The company invests in the development of new self owned facilities, in an area of 1300 sq metres in the industrial park of Tylisso in Crete, aiming at improving its production procedure and the promotion of health and safety procedures and standards in its sector.

Today | Unchanged values and quality
“Christofaki” company today is a complete food producer with a state of the art production and promotion system for its products. At the same time it holds its high quality and values in regards to the Cretan food culture, thus taking part in its preservation and further promotion.